Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome To My World

I'm finally done with Spring Semester at Stark State University and ready to start blogging. School and work take up so much of my time, I wish I could give up sleep to have more time to create and run my etsy shop!

...Let me back up a little bit. My name is Margo Snyder and this is my blog. I have a full time job, and also go to school, but my real passions are: Art, Making Jewelry, and Psychology. I will be attending Kent State University next fall to pursue a degree in Fine Arts in Graphic Design, then its on to Ursuline College for a master's in Art Therapy.

I am inspired by colors, textures, people and whatever strikes me in the moment. I started making jewelry as a hobby, and sold some here and there to people I work with and family members. I decided to open up an etsy shop and realized I really needed to improve my technique to be taken seriously as an artist. I closed my etsy shop for three months, in which time I developed new skills, which led to a sense of pride in my work to a degree that I hadn't felt before. In January I launched my couture collection. Since then I have been working on more everyday pieces and have also launched a new line called "Margo's Little Somethings". Everything in this line is under $15.00. I will soon be releasing some Hand Stamped jewelry creations in my shop as well.
Enough about me for now. I intend to use this blog as an outlet for my creative process, but also as a way to promote independant artists all over! I hope that those who read my blog will give handmade artwork of all mediums a chance before buying into the mass produced "Target" style that you see everywhere. (I am to blame for this- My Futon is from Walmart and I regret my purchase every night I sleep on that metal bar.) Handmade work is so much for enjoyable because you know that it meant something to the person who created it, and you also know that it won't be on sale for ten dollars when you paid fifty for it last week. Hate that.
Above are some pictures of jewelry and accessories from my shop. Enjoy!


  1. Your blog looks great Margo!
    Congrats : )

  2. I like your blog nice items. I would like to enter the giveaway.


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