Thursday, May 27, 2010


So I just have time for a quickie before bed... hehehe.

I spent my day indoors enjoying the beautiful sun from the office window. Sigh. But its almost Friday, and I have some very exciting plans for the weekend...

I want to thank all my readers and entries in the May Giveaway first of all for your lovely comments on my bracelet! I am going to be doing a giveaway every month, featuring other talented artists and designers, so please stay tuned!! It's a real confidence booster to show a piece of my jewelry and have so many positive comments, since I haven't had a sale in a while. Thank you all so much I can't wait to see who wins!

I'm really loving this blogging thing, and can't wait to post what I've come up with this week. Including but not limited to a new giveaway (you'll want to see this one!) and fresh new ideas for marketing yourself as a designer. I plan to try these tips out first hand, then write about them.

Marketing is such a huge part of business. In fact, more money is spent on marketing and advertisement than production and payroll in many well-known established businesses. So it is important for those of us in the creative industry who are trying to make a buck, to remember the important role marketing plays in our ventures. If no one knows about you, how will they buy your product?

I write about this as if I'm a seasoned vet, but really I haven't even done one craft show! So this is what I'm going to call my "Beginner's Craft Course" in sales, marketing, and business. I'm going to apply my knowledge as a previous business management major, to the context of handmade goods. Hopefully it will yield positive results for me (obviously), and you as well!

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