Friday, May 28, 2010

Kenny Co Op

I live in Highland Square in west Akron. Its an artsy community with old buildings reminiscent of downtown New York City. A small square, only about 3 blocks is home to Angel Falls Coffee Company , a small library, and a couple of cute shops, including an indie fashion boutique, and an old school record store. In the center of the square is an old movie theatre with just one big screen, where popcorn is a dollar fifty, and you can enjoy a glass of wine. There is also a Chipotle. Yes- I live in heaven.

I was wandering through Revival, the indie fashion boutique, not really planning on buying anything, when I came across a very zen smelling candle. I don't know how else to describe it, but I can tell you that I'm sitting in my apartment taking in very deep breaths trying to take in all the scent this candle has to offer. I think all this oxygen is going to my brain.

The candle's maker is a company called Kenny CoOp. They are a completely vegan product, with absolutuly no animal testing as stated on their website. The candle I bought is called Koala, and it is scented with Lavender and Tea Tree. Their prodicts can be purchased by visiting their etsy shop. This is a great company, and having tried the product, I highly recommend my readers to check out the shop and show them some love!

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